Founded by Mr. Raja Zaheer Ahmed, along with his colleagues, in the beginning of 1989, the IWO is an organization of community oriented social workers that strive to work for the vision of creating a better and just society.

However, today more than 40% of Pakistan’s population live be low the poverty line although it has tremendous amount of resources. Social development remains low and uneven because of class gender and rural / urban division. Disparity between economic progress and social sector growth in Pakistan is one of the highest among third word countries.

Pakistan’s social welfare services are selective and limited 45% of its population is without access to health facilities. 40% people have no access to safe drinking water and 53% people are without sanitation facilities. There is an inadequate and inaccessible professional medical personnel to cope with population. About two – third of the country’s population is illiterate with population growth rate being one of the highest in the world.

In all the above mentioned situation our inspiration and our response in achieving our goal and mission is drawn from witnessing the daily struggle, creativity and energy of poor and marginalized people over come the vicious cycle of object poverty.

In the back drop of the above realities Mr. Raja Zaheer Ahmed the Islamabad welfare Organization (IWO) in 1989.



IWO strength is in its member organisations and amplifying, promoting and harnessing their excellent work. The expertise of the Advisory Group ensures good representation across the violence against women sector and across Pakistan.

Raja Zaheer Ahmed

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